Sally face

Y/N = your name L/N = your last name  E/C = eye color  Y/M = your mom POV = point  of  view


I just moved into Addison’s Apartments and while I was walking, I saw someone with blue hair and someone else with brown hair. I continued walking, in a few minutes I got to my apartment.

“Honey…” My mother said while putting things up in the kitchen, “Why don’t you get to know people around the apartments, you know, make friends?” I looked at her and said “I mean I guess I can, I just don’t like talking to people..”    “Oh you’ll be fine, don’t worry, there are plenty of children that are your age.” My mom said sounding sure of herself. “..Ok fine, Ill go.” I walked off, kind of giving her an attitude. I grabbed something to drink before leaving. ‘Sigh’ [Thinking] (I shouldn’t have had an attitude like that…) I turned around to go back to the apartment to tell my mom sorry. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have had an attitude like that..”    “Oh, it’s okay, you always apologize, I don’t mind.” I walk back out and went to apartment 402, then I knocked on the door.  That blue haired boy answered the door. “Uh, can I help you?” The boy said. “I, uh..” I lost my words. “My mom said for me to make friends with people in the apartments.”    “Oh I did the same thing when I moved in, but anyways come on in.” I noticed his mask and asked, “Is that mask a prosthetic?” “Uh, yes it is..” he looked down. “That is so cool!” I said kinda loud. “Y-you think so..?” He blushed a little and I couldn’t help but blush a little too. “Yeah!” It has been a few minutes before both of us said anything. “So do you want to walk around or something?”I said while looking at him, “Uh sure, by the way my name is Sal, but some people call me Sally face.” Sally said. “Why do people call you that?” I asked “..It’s a long story.” We went outside and for some reason I started to feel weird feelings for him everytime I’m beside him I blush a little.

1 month later

Sal’s POV

I was back at my appartment, I was laying on my bed and i was thinking about that girl and she seemed pretty nice. With all the crazy things that happened at this appartment i was a little suspicious of her, but she doesn’t seem like the person to do that… “Sal, dinner is ready.” my dad said as he walked in my room. “Ok, ill be there in a sec.” my dad left the room and i was still on the bed. That girl was stuttery with her words, maybe shes not good with talking to people.


i got finished with dinner and it was quite good! “Ok dad im off to bed.” i said to him as i walked away “Alright.” I walked away from my dad and saw Gizmo “Hey Gizmo.” I bent down to pet him, but the my dad told me that there was someone at the door foor me “Who would want me this late at night?” i thought it was Larry but it was Y/N “Oh uhh hey, what is it” i asked “W-Well you left this outside.” it was my Gear Boy “Oh, thank you so much! Is that all you needed” i asked “Yes” Y/N said. I waved goodbye and closed the door


I was still at the door waiting. I was thinking that i should’ve said something diffrent other than ‘oh you left this out side’ whatever ill see him tommorow hopefully. I walked back to my apartment and my mom was cooking. “Hey dear did you return the mask?” my mom asked “Huh, oh yeah i did.” I sat on the couch and played with my fingers. “So what was the boys name again?” my mom asked without stopping what ever she was doing “His name is Sal.” Soon my mom done with cooking. The food tasted amazing.

Dear Mrs Larue Interview

“So, what did Ike exactly do to you?” The interviewer said. “Ohhh don’t even get me started on how many times he’s chased us and bit us!” Cat 1 meowed. “Hmm… No i can’t think of anything. He basically tortured us since we moved in.” Cat 2 complained. “He went to obedient school for a while, but he ran away and started attacking us again.” Cat 1 stated


“AHHHHHH!” Cat 2 screamed. “Hisss!” Cat 1 said while clawing at Ike “Grrrr!” Ike growled

Back to Interview

‘And there you have it folks,” the interviewer said before leaving. “Is there anything you would like to say before you go?”

“Yes, Ike. When we get back home you will have a bad time.”

Dueling Mandates in Yellowstone

Old Faithful is a popular visitors designation in the park, both summer and winter. The only way to access into the Old Faithful. The snowmobiles don’t have noise so it won’t scare the animals away. But on the other hand it will also cost a lot of money to do so. They also stopped air pollution, but again that all cost money. They are all improved and look nicer and work better. The snowmobiles make it so you don’t have to walk. You’ll have a lot of fun on them! You must pay for a snowmobile if you want to be on one. Not a lot of people will come because of paying for it, and you have to wait a little while to get on one. You have to be a certified diver to be on the snowmobile. You get to drive on groomed roads when you look around. But don’t forget to follow the rules, with everything you have to follow rules, people think if you have rules you have less fun, but the rules are trying to keep you safe.

Colonial Leaders

who is John Winthrop 1. Leader of Massachusetts Bay 2. Was a governor of Massachusetts Bay 3. founder of Connecticut colony 4. Was in office in 1630-1634 5. died in 1649 6. Born in a rich family 7. 18 annual terms as governor or lieutenant governor 8. lead a group of colonist to the new world 9. trained in the law 10. Was governor for 20 years
That’s John Winthrop

Colonial Basket Maker

It’s my first day of work and it was pretty hard to make baskets. I had to cut pieces of thin wood to make the basket. I seem to break the basket the minute I make them. Everyone seems to be knowing what the were doing. I finally got one finished and started on the next one. Work ended. I felt ashamed, I only made two baskets. I don’t know how many I was supposed to make orif two was enough. It’s the next day and honestly I think I got this basket making down. Now I fit in, I seem to know what i’m doing . SO I asked one of the workers if it was good, and he said it did. I feel much better about this basket making. People seem to get better and I seem to be left behind since I just learned it. Now I have no idea if I should keep doing the job. But I decided I should keep doing it. I figured that I would get better and I did.

by Riley Stevens

9/11 Reflection

9/11 was a tragedy and very harmful. Terrorist killed the pilots and took over the plane. The terrorist flew the plane into the Empire State building, but people thought it was a accident. The other terrorist went onto another plane and flew that one into the building. People now new that they were being attacked. The terrorist decided it wasn’t enough, so they crashed the plane into the pentagon. the next plane was going to try to do it again, but the people didn’t a low it. the people attacked the terrorist with hot coffee and food racks. even though the people died they still stopped a tragedy.