Colonial Basket Maker

It’s my first day of work and it was pretty hard to make baskets. I had to cut pieces of thin wood to make the basket. I seem to break the basket the minute I make them. Everyone seems to be knowing what the were doing. I finally got one finished and started on the next one. Work ended. I felt ashamed, I only made two baskets. I don’t know how many I was supposed to make orif two was enough. It’s the next day and honestly I think I got this basket making down. Now I fit in, I seem to know what i’m doing . SO I asked one of the workers if it was good, and he said it did. I feel much better about this basket making. People seem to get better and I seem to be left behind since I just learned it. Now I have no idea if I should keep doing the job. But I decided I should keep doing it. I figured that I would get better and I did.

by Riley Stevens

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