Colonial Leaders

who is John Winthrop 1. Leader of Massachusetts Bay 2. Was a governor of Massachusetts Bay 3. founder of Connecticut colony 4. Was in office in 1630-1634 5. died in 1649 6. Born in a rich family 7. 18 annual terms as governor or lieutenant governor 8. lead a group of colonist to the new world 9. trained in the law 10. Was governor for 20 years
That’s John Winthrop

Colonial Basket Maker

It’s my first day of work and it was pretty hard to make baskets. I had to cut pieces of thin wood to make the basket. I seem to break the basket the minute I make them. Everyone seems to be knowing what the were doing. I finally got one finished and started on the next one. Work ended. I felt ashamed, I only made two baskets. I don’t know how many I was supposed to make orif two was enough. It’s the next day and honestly I think I got this basket making down. Now I fit in, I seem to know what i’m doing . SO I asked one of the workers if it was good, and he said it did. I feel much better about this basket making. People seem to get better and I seem to be left behind since I just learned it. Now I have no idea if I should keep doing the job. But I decided I should keep doing it. I figured that I would get better and I did.

by Riley Stevens

9/11 Reflection

9/11 was a tragedy and very harmful. Terrorist killed the pilots and took over the plane. The terrorist flew the plane into the Empire State building, but people thought it was a accident. The other terrorist went onto another plane and flew that one into the building. People now new that they were being attacked. The terrorist decided it wasn’t enough, so they crashed the plane into the pentagon. the next plane was going to try to do it again, but the people didn’t a low it. the people attacked the terrorist with hot coffee and food racks. even though the people died they still stopped a tragedy.